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Custom made kitchens

Our ideal custom-made kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any living space. More than just a room where meals are prepared, kitchens provide a space for morning encounters and late-night talks between friends. This is why the modern trend of combining the kitchen, dining room and living room into one open space is increasing in popularity. We all follow modern trends, but we also wish to be unique. Combined spaces like this are where function, aesthetics and customisation become more important than ever before. Which is why it is important to plan this space carefully and to make sure it compliments to the rest of the home.

Your ideal custom-made kitchen

The first thing to consider when planning your kitchen is your own individual habits and needs. How do you use your kitchen? Do you like to prepare meals by yourself, or do you cook with company? Do you use a variety of appliances, or are you happy with just a toaster? Do you usually prepare meals for two people, or three or do you cook for your whole family and all of your relatives? Do you need a storage space for your non-perishable food or do you have a pantry?

To begin the planning process, we ask a multitude of questions – some of which you may not have the answer to right away, but our team is here to help with any dilemma you might have. Having made the decision to have a custom-made kitchen in your home, your next step is to get in touch so that we can start the project together and bring your wishes to life.

As we build kitchens according to your wishes, it is important to carefully study the space, as well as all the ways you use it. This is why we take an individual approach to every project and develop ideas in cooperation with you. Having made the decision to have a custom-made kitchen in your home, your next step is to visit us so that we can develop your ideas using our 3D modelling software to help you turn your wishes into reality.

What do we need to form a price quote for you?

Take photos of the space

Take photos of the walls where you would like your new kitchen to be installed.

We need to see the positioning of your doors and windows, as well as all of the outlets (including electric, water, gas and ventilation).

If your home is under construction, send us your floor plans.

Measure the space

The measurements can be sketched out on a piece of paper or added to a photograph of the space.

The measurements can also be added to the form in the bottom section of these instructions (the measurements should be clearly linked to their corresponding walls).

The positioning of your doors and windows, as well as electric, gas, water and ventilation outlets can greatly influence the positioning of individual elements (such as the kitchen sink, dishwasher, oven and refrigerator). The position of the ventilation outlet or chimney can influence the position of the kitchen hood and the stove. One more thing to consider are the elements and built-in appliances you would like to have in your kitchen.

Choose a shape for your kitchen

Kitchens can be U-shaped or L-shaped, or form a straight line and include a kitchen island. Let your imagination run free, and for additional inspiration, check out our article on 100 modern kitchen ideas for this season.

Choose colours, finishes, accessories, handles…

With endless options to choose from, selecting the perfect colour and finish can be quite a challenge. To make your decision easier, we have prepared a catalogue with a wide selection of finishes and countertops. What about the handles? You can choose from a wide selection or decide to skip the handles altogether. Do you prefer classic upper cabinet doors or lift systems? The possibilities are endless.

What inspires you?

Send us photographs of kitchens that inspire you or find something you love in our portfolio. Don’t know where to begin? No problem! Our expert team is here to help.

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